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All the Details on Angelina Jolie's Wickedly Awesome Maleficent Look

All the Details on Angelina Jolie's Wickedly Awesome Maleficent Look

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the promotion of Maleficent it’s that not much can taint Angelina Jolie’s beauty—even prosthetics and horns. As the eponymous villain in Disney’s update on Sleeping Beauty, the actress underwent a tremendous transformation to play the role, but even with three hours worth of prosthetics and makeup, she still looked gorgeous. “It’s hard to not make that face beautiful,” Rick Baker, the man behind Jolie’s Maleficent prosthetics tells However, look closely and you’ll detect subtle yet substantial changes in her appearance.

“She wanted to make sure she didn’t look too much like herself,” Baker says. “She had some very specific ideas about the character. In her mind she was a creature.” In order to bring her otherworldly vision to life, she insisted on using prosthetics, which included pieces to enhance her cheekbones and nose, as well as vivid colored contacts. However, the most intensive aspect of her transformation was the creation of her horns.

“We spent a lot of time on the look of the horns, but had to make them as light as possible and removable,” Baker says. “It’s amazing, even if you have something that weighs a pound, it will feel very heavy at the end of the day.” To ensure she could wear them comfortably while filming, Baker created a skullcap that had magnetic nubs, which allowed the horns to be attached easily and without much weight.

Once Baker finished finalizing the horns with Jolie, she brought in Justin Smith, a renowned British milliner, to design the cowls that went over the prosthetic horns. “[Angelina and I] met every day to discuss the different pieces,” Smith tells “She helped me push the boundaries and create things I’ve never created before.” Their collaboration resulted in six different pieces, which were used to reflect the pivotal scenes in the movie. "All of the pieces had their challenging moments, but in the end, I wanted to respect the [horned] silhouette, while creating something iconic." Something he certainly achieved!

For more information on how Angelina Jolie and her team created Maleficent's iconic look, check out these behind-the-scenes photos!

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