#RocksMyWorld: Atelier Swarovski by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

#RocksMyWorld: Atelier Swarovski by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

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Swarovski is always finding fresh ways to add sparkle to fashion, jewelry and accessories.  Just a couple of week ago, Pharrell rocked an eye-popping pair of Adidas sneakers encrusted with Swarovski crystals during his Happy! performance on Saturday Night Live.  In March, Cate Blanchett picked up her Best Actress Oscar glimmering in an Armani Privé gown accented in Swarovski crystal baguettes.

Now, Atelier Swarovski has introduced an entirely new kind of shine with a collection of fine jewelry and sculptures designed by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman.  All of the gems in the 30 one-of-a-kind jewels and sculptures are real, as opposed to crystal that made the company famous.

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The precious project started over three years ago when Nadja Swarovski, a champion of emerging creative talent, invited American jewelry designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza to make one sculpture highlighting the genuine gems the company had been cutting with the same exacting techniques applied to its crystals.  Laurenza’s over-the-top creativity inspired Swarovski to engage the designer in the unprecedented Jeweled Garden collection

The flower sculptures move at the touch as though they are blowing in the wind.  Each leg and antenna of the bugs is articulated making it seem like one could walk across the table. Several of the larger the life-size sculptures measure around 45-inches long.  The prices for the pieces are equally gigantic ranging from $9,000 to $450,000.  As for the jewels, well, they are not for shrinking violets.  There are elaborate combinations of colorful gems on floral necklaces and bug bracelets.  Hulking stones hover over the finger in mammoth rings.  The prices for the jewelry are only given “upon request” clearly revealing they are big-ticket items.

Click through the gallery to see the brilliant baubles!


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