8 Things Ashley Graham Likes to Wear to the Gym

8 Things Ashley Graham Likes to Wear to the Gym
David Schulze

Have you looked around your gym lately? Now that we’re in the third week of 2017, the rush of resolutioners are officially starting to taper off.

The good news is that the wait for a treadmill is about to get a lot shorter. But the bad news is that it's really tempting to put your own workout on the back burner too—especially when life gets busy.

One easy way to keep your head in the game? Upgrade your workout gear. In fact, that’s exactly what does the trick for supermodel Ashley Graham. “Cute gym clothes are a really good motivator for me,” says Graham. “Especially when I’m tired from traveling or just not really in the mood to workout.”

But the outfit is just one piece of the fitspo puzzle for Graham. “I also like to think of going to the gym as a way to stay strong rather than a way to lose weight,” she says. “Yes, I model a lot of swimsuits and lingerie, but to me exercising is more about being healthy and feeling good. So I set goals for myself like 'I'm going to work out three days this week' instead of 'I'm going to lose 3 pounds this week.' Then I let whatever is supposed to jiggle, jiggle, you know?”

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Graham also suggests trying out different kinds of workouts until you find one that you can actually look forward to. "Lately I've been obsessed with boxing,” she says. “When I'm sweating and kicking ass in front of 30 other people at the gym, it definitely helps to dress the part. Sometimes all it takes is great high-waisted leggings or colorful sneakers to give me the extra little fire I need. And with the right mix, my look is just as strong as my one-two punch."

Shop eight of Graham's gym picks below. And for more from the supermodel, check out her monthly column in InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

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