All the Times Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Looked Alike

All the Times Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Looked Alike
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We've kept up with Kylie Jenner for as long as we can remember, watching her transform from a mischievous, rule-breaking child to, well, a mini-me version of Kim Kardashian. Ok, maybe not so mini—the youngest Jenner stands a full three inches taller than her big sister. Height difference notwithstanding, their resemblance to one another is remarkably uncanny, from their curvaceous hourglass figure to their predilection for skin-tight bodycon silhouettes.

What's more, they even the boast the same bone structure. Kim once 'grammed a mash-up of their two photos, proving that they might as well be the same person.

(We'll just leave this Insta right here.) 

Kim x Kylie

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But if that's not enough evidence, we've rounded up all the times Kim and Kylie twinned it up, both on and off the red carpet. It's hard to tell whether these instances are indicative of Kylie borrowing styling cues from Kim, or whether they do, in fact, share more than just great genes. From doubling up on denim to graphic band tees, see all the times Kim and Kylie looked alike.

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