Alexa Chung and Spider-Man Are Star-Crossed Lovers in the New AG Campaign


Who knew superheroes and denim were a match made in cinematic heaven? The two come together in a witty and entertaining short film released today for AG Jeans’s Fall 2017 campaign. The four minute film stars the ever-charming Alexa Chung, a model and muse for the brand since 2015, as she takes us through the streets of Hollywood on an adventure filled with humor, nostalgia, fleeting romance, and—of course—great clothes.

The short embodies the aesthetic of AG’s fall collection, aptly named '90s Young Hollywood and described by the California-based brand as, “laid-back, unfussy, [with] just the right amount of defiance.” Chung wears several of the line's covetable pieces throughout the film, from the indigo overalls and fringed jacket to their signature jeans and perfect tees. It's both cheeky and hilariously enjoyable to watch as we see Chung indulge in a spontaneous romance with a Spider-Man character found amidst the personalities on Hollywood Boulevard.

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“While part of the goal is to create content that speaks to the seasonal concept, the real goal is to ultimately create a conversation,” says Jonathan Crocker, Creative Director of the video. We think the story did just that with plenty of charisma and great denim to boot.

Watch the full video above and shop AG’s collection at



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