Try the Inclusive Activewear Brand That's Eliminating Traditional Sizing and Empowering Women

Try the Inclusive Activewear Brand That's Eliminating Traditional Sizing and Empowering Women

As women, we talk size. What size are you? What size would you like to be? And more often than not, size has a negative connotation.  But, recently we've seen a surge of women saying "I love my size" and "my size doesn't define me." FYI, if you'd like to refresh your Instagram feed with some positive women, try Latecia Thomas, Hunter McGrady, Roxy Earle, or Tabria Majors (just to name a few). Thankfully, brands are also moving towards a more inclusive mindset. Michael Kors, Christian Siriano, and Prabal Gurung have all had curvy models walk their runways.

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But what if it were possible to remove that "number", the size "whatever", from your vocabulary entirely. How about "I''m a size Blazin'" versus size 16?  If we remove the power from a number, we just focus on the quality and fit. What a dream. 

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Active Ego, a curve-friendly activewear line, is removing the number size for empowering words to prove size doesn't make you more attractive or more worthy. It's the woman herself who makes up her value. Gone are sizes 14 (now "fierce"), 18 (now "bombshell"), 20 (now "powerhouse"), and 22 (now "supreme").

"I wanted the whole 'plus size' concept to disappear and what better way to do that than to go away with sizes? Who really cares anyway?  The size names have a feeling of strength and that is what Active Ego is about, building confidence and strength in women", says CEO and founder Jennifer James.

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"The focus for apparel should be about security in fit and style, not size. We're all different and that's what makes us all so beautiful. Changing the conversation will change how women will shop and it makes the experience fun." And every woman deserves beautifully crafted clothing, no matter her size.

Shop the full collection at And how awesome will it feel when you add "bombshell" to your shopping bag?

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