Instagram's New Update Just Changed the Game—Again

Instagram's New Update Just Changed the Game—Again

Remember Dec. 14, 2016 as the day your camera roll got a lot smaller, as there’s no need to screenshot posts on Instagram anymore. The photo-sharing platform just rolled out its best update (IMHO) since Drafts, and now you can save other users' posts for later.

You heard me: No longer do you have to clutter your phone with screenshots or try desperately to retrace your steps to figure out which food blogger posted that delicious-looking spaghetti squash recipe last week. Now you can simply tap the bookmark button to save the post, and it will appear in a new area on your feed that only you can see, essentially creating a private Pinterest board.

Plus, now you can click on the post and read the full text below it, whereas a screenshot might have cut off the comments right before they let you know which ingredients to pick up from the grocery store.

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Keep scrolling for five pieces of outfit, food, travel, and décor inspo that we are saving to our feed, stat. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some bookmarking to do.

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