12 of the Prettiest Sunglasses-and-Lipstick Pairings 

12 of the Prettiest Sunglasses-and-Lipstick Pairings 
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In Ancient China, court judges wore sunglasses made from cut smoky quartz stones to hide their facial expressions during trials as they interrogated witnesses. And while the design and technology of sunglasses has evolved tremendously since then, we still like to hide behind them, to create a bit of mystery and intrigue. The same could be said of makeup too—especially lipstick. (Remember that Coco Chanel once said, "If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack!") As such, the combination of a strong lip and a great pair of shades can make you virtually unstoppable.

There's no better time than the playful and colorful summer months to put a little gusto behind your sunglass and lipstick selections. With long beach days, outdoor barbecues, and rooftop cocktail hours abounding, this is when you’re likely to spend the entirety of a social event with your shades on.

To inspire an eyewear and lipstick pairing worthy of at least one #unfiltered selfie, we selected 12 of the coolest sunglasses of the season and matched them up with equally fun and flattering lip colors (with help from our beauty department, natch).

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