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Get the Look: Colored Sunglass Lenses Inspired by the Runway

Get the Look: Colored Sunglass Lenses Inspired by the Runway

They're not as intimidating as they seem—but they are as cool as they sound.

A chic sunglass is an instant outfit pick-me-up. And a colored pair instantly adds a dose of fun to your look. Picture yourself in a LWD and neutral accessories with a colored lens. Perfection. Or, follow the runway's lead and use a colored lens to pick up the cheery tones in a black-and-white ensemble, as Michelle Smith of Milly did for her spring/summer 2014 collection (pictured, above).

When selecting your colored lenses, you'll want to seek out a pair with an overall softness to ease into the trend. Look for pretty pastels like baby blue and petal pink. If you're a risk taker (we salute you!), look for a style with an equally colorful frame, a lens with a bit more pigmentation, or an angular frame to really drive home the mood.

The best part about this trend is that you will without a doubt find a style for you. Whether your go-to sunglass silhouette is a cat's eye, a wayfarer, an aviator, or you just love a tortoise shell (guilty!), you'll find a colored lens set in your favorite frame.

Get a head start on this super fun trend and click to find the style for you.

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