These Are the Hottest Sunglasses Trends to Try This Season

These Are the Hottest Sunglasses Trends to Try This Season
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Chances are you’ve always had a bit of an inkling that people (including yourself) tend to look better in sunglasses. But did you know there's scientific proof that you’re absolutely right? Sunglasses create facial symmetry, which is linked to attraction; and their dark lenses inspire a sense of mystery. We use people’s eyes to make judgments about their "intelligence, confidence and sincerity"” according to Vanessa Brown, author of Cool Shades: The History and Meaning of Sunglasses.

So on that note, is it any wonder that we're rather unabashed about our sunglasses obsession? We're firm believers that one pair isn’t even close to enough—after all, not every pair goes with every mood. A pair of cat-eye shades are ideal for that early morning coffee run after a long night; aviators for the airport, and those round, 1970s-inspired sunglasses are perfect for festivals and concerts in the park.

Whatever your summer agenda has in store, we’ve got the shades you need to cultivate a little mystery and up the attraction factor anywhere you go. We’ve broken down this season’s best shades into five categories (in time for National Sunglasses Day!) and called out a few of our favorite pairs, below.

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