The Most Surprising Accessory Trend of 2017

The Most Surprising Accessory Trend of 2017
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I know, I know—any time a fashion outlet touts anything as a "surprising trend," it turns out not to be all that unexpected. It'd be something like a long pendant after so many months of choker-dom, or, I don't know, the return of heels after years of sneakers. But rest assured, this one's up there in the unpredictability department: socks.

Yes, SOCKS. Typically worn mostly out of necessity than aesthetic, socks are, and have often been, overlooked and dismissed because, socks. Ever since ankle socks were invented, you never really saw them. And because they also made for the lamest presents. But now, socks—specifically, logo-bearing one—are trending high right now, especially among the street-style set.

Blame it on the sock-and-sandal combo, the '90s resurgence, or the rise in streetwear, but sporty shin-grazing pairs are getting a turn in the spotlight—by peeking out from shiny patent boots, being paired with platform sandals or lacy sheer pumps (that play on juxtaposition!), or complementing sneakers. Scroll through to see how to style them and shop a few pairs for yourself. Our personal faves: Gucci's signature web stripe socks and the Vetements x Reebok pair (obviously). PS. Taking back about them being lame gifts—I'd like one of each, please kthanks.

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