9 Sneaky, Non-Committal Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

9 Sneaky, Non-Committal Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day
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Dedication to St. Patrick's Day via one's outfit can really run the gamut. There are the super enthusiastic revelers–easily spotted wearing all green and perhaps accessorized by an oversize leprechaun hat. Then there are the festive-enough types usually wearing a low-effort "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" T-shirt or maybe a shamrock-ornamented headband. Finally, there are the extremely reluctant participants who want to partake in the festivities (i.e. drink green beer), but don't want to blemish their signature steez with some dorky St. Paddy's Day paraphernalia (no disrespect or anything).

But, of course, no one likes being pinched all night by overzealous celebrants who don't respect personal boundaries or regarded as a total St. Patrick's Day buzzkill. So try some leprechaun-worthy accessories that subtly observe the holiday, without sacrificing your style. From the most drool-worthy Gucci cross-body saddlebag to a chicer version of that bouncy headband you could re-wear to Coachella, here are 9 restrained ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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