14 Ways You Can Embrace Millennial Pink 

14 Ways You Can Embrace Millennial Pink 
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It’s not quite bubblegum or peach, and it’s definitely not fuchsia. No, millennial pink—named as such for the number of buzzy startups (Glossier, Everlane, Thinx, etc.) that have claimed it as a calling card—hits closer to a barely there blush or rosy salmon. It can run the spectrum from super light to a little more saturated, but the message remains: This is not a pink for girlie girls, but rather a shade that telegraphs a certain brand of arty, sophisticated cool.

While not entirely a surprise—Pantone did name Rose Quartz as 2016’s color of the year—the trend has picked up some impressive steam recently in the accessories department. Several people in the office, for example, are losing their composure over Miu Miu’s confectionary satin and shearling mules, the practicality of which in a big, dirty city has been called to attention (said people don’t care). And we can’t think of anything prettier to set off a gray winter coat than a boxy satchel the color of seashells. Shop those and plenty more below.

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