12 of the Coziest Scarves to Keep You From Freezing

12 of the Coziest Scarves to Keep You From Freezing
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New season, new scarf—that's my shopping philosophy at least. I already have my eternally classic coat (a black menswear-y style—timeless in silhouette and color) and my equally eternally classic boots (here are a few options if you're on the hunt for a pair). So, really, the only thing—and by that I mean, the easiest and cheapest thing—to differentiate my winter look from last year's and all the years before, is with a new scarf.

It's the last article of clothing you throw on, and it's the first that people see. And it's also the one item that will determine your comfort level on any given night (i.e. whether a walk from point A to point B is a pleasant stroll or a complete frostbite-inducing nightmare). So, with your neck hanging in the balance here, I suggest you bundle up with 12 of the coziest scarves on the market. Go with a solid neutral or find playfulness with a print—and hey, if you get sick of it, there's always next year.

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