#RocksMyWorld: The Jewelry Stars at London's Masterpiece Exhibition

#RocksMyWorld: The Jewelry Stars at London's Masterpiece Exhibition

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Wimbledon is not the only action happening in England right now. Last night the Masterpiece exhibition opened in London. In just five short years, the annual show has lived up to its auspicious name. More than 150 of the greatest galleries from all around the world bring in their, well, masterpieces dating from ancient times to today for buyers to peruse. Among the art and objects there are serious treasures from 24 of the most elite jewelers in the world.

The most famous in the group is Fred Leighton, who has been outfitting celebrities from Madonna to Lupita Nyong'o for eons. Verdura, another well-known jewelry name, was once the favorite jeweler of silver screen stars including Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Today the uber-chic designer Carolina Herrera is rarely seen without her signature Verdura Curb-Link gold bracelets.

Other jewelers at Masterpiece might not be names you have heard of but if you love jewelry you will definitely want to get to know them. There are A La Vielle Russie and Kentshire, the cream of the vintage jewelry crop, who are both based in New York. A jeweler with the French name that translates roughly to "the old Russian," A La Vielle Russie has a boutique in the bustling midtown area and often stages delightful exhibitions of Fabergé. Kentshire is another New York based jeweler with a boutique on Madison Avenue and one tucked away on the seventh floor of legendary department store Bergdorf Goodman. The stylish influence of the fashion mecca is always reflected in the marvelous miscellaneous mix in Kentshire’s inventory.

Two of the most elusive and coveted jewelers at Masterpiece are Siegelson and Hemmerle. Siegelson's New Yorker office is private. The jeweler only shows its 20th century treasures and modern creations publicly at presentations like Masterpiece in London and a couple of other equally exclusive shows—the Paris Biennale des Antiquaires and the Fine Art Asia presentation in Hong Kong. Hemmerle has a boutique in Munich and an epic cult following. The visionary German jeweler makes modern statement pieces with a mix of unorthodox materials such as copper, cement, iron, and stunning large gemstones.

If you are taking a trip to London before June 30, swing by the show and get a look at all the treasures in person. You might run in to a member of the British royal family browsing the selection or a English movie star like Hugh Grant or Eddie Redmayne who were spotted at the show last year.

Click through the slide show to see a sample of the gems on display.

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