More Is More: How to Pair Your Watch with Jewelry  

More Is More: How to Pair Your Watch with Jewelry  

Thanks to visionary Alessandro Michele and the Gucci Fall 2017 collection we don’t see the maximalist trend going away any time soon. The idea that you can pile on jewelry and also wear a watch can be a bit intimidating to wrap your mind around. For one, if you lead an active lifestyle and perhaps don’t choose to wear a lot of jewelry or a timepiece, I challenge you to rethink your routine. Don’t let either intimidate you. It’s important to think about what dial shape is right for you. Whether you want new or vintage you can find any shape you can dream of these days. I like to think of timepieces and jewelry as temporary tattoos. The ways in which you can layer is infinite and when you want to try something new, you can, without the painful process of tattoo removal. With warm weather days finally here, we challenge you to rethink layering your knits and sweaters and instead switch gears to layering your bijoux. Whether you’re more of a minimalist or more of a maximalist, here are a few pairings we love. After all, it's about finding a couple pieces that can become your foundation which will allow you to grow your collection from there.

VIDEO: Chanel's Spring-Summer 2017 Eyewear Campain


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