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Make a Statement with One (Just One) Earring at a Time

Make a Statement with One (Just One) Earring at a Time
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There's something comforting about things that come in pairs, but there's strength and beauty in something so uniquely singular. To clue you in: We're rhapsodizing about Emma Watson’s earring game from when she took her front row seat at the Valentino couture fall/winter 2014 show earlier this month.

Threaded through her left lobe was a double-ended pearl Delfina Delettrez strand that had us doing a double take. Discreet enough to not overwhelm, but statement-making enough to stand on its own, that one earring launched our search for lengthy danglers that are ridin' solo.

Take advantage of the negative space (the area between your lobes and shoulders) with drop earrings embellished with gems, pearls, or spikes. Or, err on the demure side with less showy options, like with an ear jacket (a decorative backing that curves to the shape of your lobe) or with an elegant chain to connect double piercings.

Either way, embrace the trend's asymmetric nature, because as they say, imperfection is beauty. But to avoid looking as though you unintentionally lost its counterpart, close the other ear with a simple stud. Shop 14 head-turning single earrings, ahead!

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