We Found Out Where SJP Buys All Her Jewelry

We Found Out Where SJP Buys All Her Jewelry
Marie Simonova/Getty

When Sarah Jessica Parker wears something, it instantly gets added to our shopping lists. When she wears something over and over again? Well, then it's more of a "need to have" than a "nice to have."

Even before her fashion-obsessed character Carrie Bradshaw showed up in our living rooms, we admired SJP's style, which always heavily embraced accessories. Shoes, jewels, bags ... you name it, Parker had it in spades. She made you buy your first pair of Manolos, made you save up for your first luxury handbag, and now has come to show us what our next investment should be.

Enter Larkspur & Hawk, a fine jewelry brand that draws inspiration from antiques. Founder Emily Satloff creates hand-crafted pieces from precious metals and gemstones using a foiling technique that gives each piece the brand's unique "halo" effect. Very chic. Wanna know what else is chic? Based on our extensive photo research, it appears to be SJP's favorite jewelry brand. And if it's good enough for her ...

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