Treat Yourself to 15 Jewelry Pieces with Teeny-Tiny Diamonds 

Treat Yourself to 15 Jewelry Pieces with Teeny-Tiny Diamonds 

It wasn’t too long ago that the only place you’d find pavé diamonds was on a wedding or engagement band. Perhaps because there are now more single women in the world than ever before or perhaps because jewelry designers realized that just about every piece of jewelry looks better with diamonds, these tiny sparkly stones (and their more affordable interpretations, like crystal and cubic zirconia) now decorate everything from cuffs to threadbare-thin chain earrings to on-trend chokers.

On the luxury end of the spectrum, designers, like Repossi and Hirotaka, are creating dazzlingly blinged-out designs in fine metals and dozens of petite diamonds, and the result is extravagantly priced pieces with the look of something you’d wear every day. Contemporary brands, including Jennifer Meyer, Wwake, and Brooklyn-based favorite Catbird, have us craving dangling chain earrings, delicate anklets (yep, they’re back!), and pretty stacking rings—the kind of jewelry that just begs to be layered and mixed with the rest of our dainty pieces.

Whether you’re in the market for a pair of sweet mini hoop earrings or a cool choker to change up your daily jewelry mix or really ready to #treatyoself (we’re a little obsessed with Repossi’s $12,950 ear cuff), we have your tiny diamond fix.

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