Why a Tiny Pinky Ring Will Strengthen Your Jewelry Game

Why a Tiny Pinky Ring Will Strengthen Your Jewelry Game

If you're anything like us, the heat of summer might have inspired you to ditch your layered necklaces and retire your stacks of arm candy for the season. Now is the time to opt for accessories that won’t weigh you down but still have some significant sparkle. Enter, the pinky ring.

Part of the pinky ring’s allure has to do with its symbolic past. During the Victorian Era, they were worn by single men and women on the left hand to signify that they were uninterested in marriage. In the hey-day of organized crime, they were associated with The Godfather-type mobsters and were often used by a fallen man’s associates to pay for his funeral. Throughout the '90s and early aughts, many rappers favored blinged-out pinky rings to heavy gold chains. Today, their colorful history has made pinky rings something of a modern classic—and one we’re currently coveting in a variety of styles.

Now, we’re not suggesting every woman go out and buy a flashy, room-stopping cocktail ring for her pinky. Rather, opt for something delicate or even personalized—think borrowed-from-the-boys-esque bands in gold, silver, and rose gold. From the classic monogrammed signet ring to a dainty wrapped ring decorated with tiny diamonds, there's definitely a pinky ring to suit any style.

Dress it up with stacks of other rings and your favorite cocktail dress for a night out or wear it alone with boyfriend jeans and your favorite well-worn T-shirt for a casual Sunday afternoon. Either way, we’re sure this tiny ring will make a big impact on your accessory game. Below, 12 pinky rings to add to your jewelry wardrobe.

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