The Prettiest Birthstone Jewelry for Every Month

The Prettiest Birthstone Jewelry for Every Month

While quite dubious in astrological signs, the Chinese Zodiac, and most superstitious things related to birthdays (sorry, not sorry), I am a firm believer in wearing my own corresponding birthstone jewelry. I’m not quite sure if there are any benefits, even metaphorically, but blue sapphires make my eyes happy and I think that suffices!

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Apparently making one’s eyes happy is quite hard to these days where fashion trends come and go in a blink of one. It’s nice to get excited for new-ness and change, but pieces like birthstone jewelry will stand the test of time so they are completely worth the investment. And a single, dazzling pop of color will personalize your style.

Scroll for the best birthstone pieces on the market now. We swear there’s something for everybody, no matter your birth month!

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