13 Gorgeous Ruby Birthstone Jewelry Pieces to Shop This Month

13 Gorgeous Ruby Birthstone Jewelry Pieces to Shop This Month

We don't want to play favorites, but July may just have the best birthstone of the entire calendar year: the ruby. Referred to as the 'King of Gems' by the ancient Hindus, it has long been believed to have healing powers for the wearer, along with being an enduring symbol of love, power and protection. Since we've always believed there's no better excuse to celebrate yourself than your birthday, those under the Cancer and Leo signs this month should feel totally justified in indulging in their birthstone. (Or adding it to that Pinterest wish list you just happen to have left open on your computer screen...)

Known for their deep red hue and eye-catching sparkle, rubies are timeless stones that will add richness and character to your accessory repertoire—especially your dainty jewelry game. (We'll be mixing them in with all our tiny diamonds.) July birthday babies, aren't you lucky! We decided to pull together a selection of the best ruby jewelry pieces out there. From delicate rings to statement earrings, below, 13 of the finest ruby pieces to help you celebrate this month.

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