4 Cool Ways to Stack Your Earrings

4 Cool Ways to Stack Your Earrings
Serena Becker

One piercing is simply not enough anymore. Or at least that’s how it feels whenever we’re faced with a display case of teeny-tiny diamonds, colorful gemstones, and cool delicate chains. And the only way to wear them all—and all at the same time—is, well, to go under the needle. It’s an addiction.

But earring stacking, much like rings, requires a degree of finesse. There’s an art to it. Winging it by haphazardly throwing together a bunch of studs without a thought or an aesthetic in mind isn’t terrible, but it won’t look like the decorative lobe that you’ve had in mind (perhaps like the one pictured above).  We took the guesswork out of it and pieced together four foolproof earring formulas for you to copy—and we won’t even take the credit for it. Needle-adverse? Fake multiple piercings with cuffs, multi-diamond studs, and crawlers, which we listed, below.

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