9 Heavy Metal Chokers to Up Your Necklace Game

9 Heavy Metal Chokers to Up Your Necklace Game
Serena Becker

At this point, you probably have a choker in your possession. And if you were smart and bought a spool of ribbon from Amazon for 10 bucks, you probably own, like, 100 of them. But while black chokers (satin, tattoo-like plastic, velvet, and otherwise) may continue to be the reigning accessory from the '90s, they have got nothing on these gilded ones that are both substantial in weight and in grandeur. 

Elevated by a thousand, heavy metal chokers have the power to dress up a simple white tee and jeans, to take you from the office to cocktails, and to accent your fanciest outfit for a black-tie kind of evening. In that sense, we would even go as far as to say they're magic. And the great thing about it is that they work with nearly every neckline imaginable, from a button-down shirt to a strapless gown to a cozy turtleneck knit. Literally, endless possibilities here, and all you need is just one. Shop from our nine favorites, below.

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