The Game of Thrones Costume Designer Made a Jewelry Line So You Can Accessorize Like Daenerys

The <em>Game of Thrones </em>Costume Designer Made a Jewelry Line So You Can Accessorize Like Daenerys
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Daenerys Targaryen is a total queen in Game of Thrones Season 7, and it’s not just because she’s finally realized her dream and sailed to Westeros. Khaleesi got a costume change for the penultimate season, and her new Mother of Dragons chain is totally badass.

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GoT costume designer Michele Clapton wanted to create “a symbolic piece of jewelry that showed her strength and intent,” now that Dany is on her way to “take what she believes is her rightful place on the Throne,” Clapton told InStyle. But Daenerys isn’t wearing this chain as a necklace: She has it draped across her chest.

“It becomes less like jewelry and more appropriately militaristic,” Clapton told us. “It was important to use the three dragon sigil in the design of the chain, and also the circle at the shoulder in which to loop her red Targaryen sash and heighten her sense of status.”

As for the rest of her costume, it actually has some hidden meanings. “I have incorporated the shape of her late brother’s costume, in a nod towards his ambition being realized, and that of the Unsullied of which she is the commander,” Clapton revealed.

That’s not all the insider information she spilled: The costume designer partnered with jewelry brand Yunus & Eliza to create a second collection for MEY Designs in honor of Season 7, so we all can channel our inner Khaleesi. As a collector’s item, fans can buy an exact replica of Daenerys’s original chain for $3,650, or shop a line of “rebellious statement jewelry” made from the same exact links. The necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings range in price from $140 to $1,240, and allow you to accessorize like the Mother of Dragons would—though without the military uniform.

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“This is a unisex collection of modern armor,” the brand told InStyle. “We are telling a story through jewelry, working with Michele to reveal the character’s mood, allegiance, and intent.”

Keep scrolling to shop the chain-breaking new collection.

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