Birthstone Gift Ideas: Opal Pieces for October

Birthstone Gift Ideas: Opal Pieces for October
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If your birthday falls in the month of October, your birthstone is the vibrant opal. This gem is famous for its "play of colors," as many opals flash every color of the rainbow when moved. Often referred to as the wish stone, opals are believed to be the most mysterious stone as they are thought to have the virtues of many other gems within.

You share this birth month with Julie Andrews (October 1), Kate Winslet (October 5), Katy Perry (October 25), Julia Roberts (October 28) and Clemence Posey (October 30). With such a spectacular stone this month, we have an exciting edit of birthday items to suit any taste.

Pictured, above: Monique Péan U-Shaped Pinky Ring, $5,060; 

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