Yes. You Can Buy Fine Jewelry For Under $100

Yes. You Can Buy Fine Jewelry For Under $100
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The holiday season is basically here. If you haven't started your holiday shopping list yet, that's ok. You can begin it. And we're here to help you. To start you off right, we have some real groundbreaking, exclusive news in the form of affordable gifts that will impress your fanciest of friends. 

Industry favorite e-tailer BaubleBar is expanding its offering to include fine jewelry. FINE. JEWELRY. That means real gold, real stones, real good. In the market for an upgrade from those discolored hoop earrings you bought at the mall in middle school? Add a pair of real ones to your shopping cart. It's only going to run you $68. 

And while you're shopping for yourself, don't forget your mom, your sister, your boss, your favorite writers... these are the ultimate under $100 gifts for the person on your list that expects things that are way over $100. 

So, can you mix your new find jewels with your costume jewelry? We went straight to the experts for the answer:

"Not only is it okay to mix fine and fashion jewelry, it's actually a particularly relevant and modern take on accessorizing today," Daniella Yacobovsky, BaubleBar Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer told us. "We're launching this new collection because our customer is mixing on-trend fashion pieces with more timeless classics in finer materials. We know [the BaubleBar customer] loves our unique point of view on design and appreciates our guilt-free price point, so we wanted to let her easily shop the whole look in one place."

Sounds good to me. 

BaubleBar Everyday Fine is available starting October 10, 2017 on Get it now before I buy it all. 



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