6 Real Gold Jewelry Pieces That Cost Less Than $100

6 Real Gold Jewelry Pieces That Cost Less Than $100

Sometimes in life it’s more than necessary to #treatyoself. For some, that could mean spending an afternoon snuggled up in bed bingeing on Netflix, and for others it might mean spending a day at the spa. As for us? We prefer to go out and buy ourselves a little something sparkly. Rather than throw away anywhere between $5 and $95 on costume jewelry that will give us a fix now but inevitably tarnish or lose its luster—why not go for the real thing?

We're not talking about gold-plated or gold-tone jewelry, but true solid gold pieces. Some of our favorite jewelry shops and designers, like Catbird, Wwake, and Melissa Joy Manning make pretty and affordable real gold jewelry that won’t set you back more than $100. (Is there any better feeling than when you find something really good at a really good price?)

For the next time your online shopping craving kicks in or you want a little something new for this weekend’s date, we hunted down a selection of the best gold jewelry worthy of an (affordable) #treatyoself moment. From delicate gold rings to edgy studs and teeny-tiny hoops, there is a little something for everyone. Below, shop the best real gold jewelry finds for under $100.   

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