Gwen Stefani Launches Two Eyewear Collections in Her Plot for World Domination

Gwen Stefani Launches Two Eyewear Collections in Her Plot for World Domination

For '90s teens, Gwen Stefani will forever be known as the ultimate cool-girl. And though it's been 25 years since the release of No Doubt's debut album, the singer has maintained her relevancy among the next-generation of pop stars, expanding her empire to include three fashion lines (including one for pets), six fragrances, an animated TV show, and now, two collections with the N.Y.C. eyewear brand Tura, not to mention an impressive run as a solo artist and a three-year-and-counting stint on The Voice. "I don't care about winning, but when I do, it's such a big deal," Stefani said recently by phone. Here, she talks more about her second optical collection, why she feels indebted to The Voice, and what's next on her to-do list.

How is designing glasses similar to designing clothes?

I've wanted to make glasses for as long as I've been designing. It's always been a no-brainer for me because they're something that I want and like—they're the ultimate accessory. Whatever I design is always going to be something I would wear. Harajuku is a nod to that pop art Japanese inspiration I love so much, GX is cool but a little bit more affordable, and L.A.M.B. is very specific. With eyewear, you still choose the mood board, the color palette, and the materials, but it's a much broader audience. It's more accessible. 

People tend to be very designer-oriented with clothing. Do you feel like it's the same way with optical?

Being a designer and a celebrity can help you and it can hurt you, because a lot of people don't want your name on it. But a lot of people are buying these glasses because they work for them. They walk into their optometrist, they try on something they like, they see them on, and they buy them. Glasses are very personal to your taste. And you don't just get one pair—you get options.

This is your second collection for Tura. How many pairs of glasses do you have at this point?

I've probably got about 20 pairs around the house.

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When did you start wearing glasses?

I'm lucky—my entire family wears them, but I didn't have to start wearing them until way later on. I got my prescription about three years ago, right before I got pregnant with Apollo. Then after he was born, my body totally changed. I was like, "Okay, I don't think the font is getting any bigger on my phone." And now I design them! Timing always works out as it should.

You just signed on as the face of Revlon and are set to produce an animated kids show about Japanese street culture. What else is on your bucket list for 2017?

The Voice gives me so many opportunities; I'm so grateful for that. The show is everything that I love—music, performances, outfits, hair, makeup—and it exposes you to people you wouldn't have met otherwise. There's always music in me, so I have some things up my sleeve there too. I like being busy!

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