Are Conductor Hats a Thing Now?

Are Conductor Hats a Thing Now?
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No other accessory sparks as much debate as the hat. Think about it. It's the most polarizing category in fashion. The beret—you either hate it or you love it. Same goes for the fedora. Or the panama. Or the pork pie hat. Or the paperboy cap. Or the bucket hat (shudder). If there's one that's widely accepted, it'd be the beanie, but even then, I know a handful of people who would rather painfully endure sub-zero temps than slip on a beanie.

All of this brings us to what could potentially be the next controversial hat trend: the conductor hat, which goes by many monikers—the lieutenant, the Greek fisherman, the cadet, the chauffeur. And, as how all trends form, it's already gaining traction in the It-girl sphere, with Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Ciara as its celebrity advocates.

But for all the hat-haters out there (guilty), let's explore the positives before dismissing it outright. True, it's purely decorative, but Kim Duong, InStyle's digital fashion assistant and un-closeted conductor-hat-lover, says the bill has saved her from a rainstorm on more than one occasion. Plus, she adds, it delivers a cool-girl, glam-rock aesthetic.

Accessories editor Elana Zajdman, echoes that sentiment. "To me, it feels very '90s supermodel," she says, calling out Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer. "The hat is very cool-girl and model off-duty."

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