Meet Hannah Henderson, an Owner of the Ultra-Cool Vintage Boutique General Store

Meet Hannah Henderson, an Owner of the Ultra-Cool Vintage Boutique General Store

InStyle’s Senior Market Editor/Digital Correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn is constantly keeping a pulse on the market. Here, Avidan-Cohn fills you in on one of the hottest, most stylish vintage shops around and picks her favorite items.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and gotten that unmistakable “good vibe”? That’s how I felt moments after speaking to Hannah Henderson, the stylish co-owner of General Store, the ultra cool vintage and bespoke shop located in Venice, Calif.

Henderson (below) and her husband opened the second General Store location (the first is in San Francisco) in Venice after partnering with Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Pete who have somewhat of a cult following with the shops first San Francisco locale.

The store is packed with creations from local artisans, natural beauty products, home décor, delicate jewelry, and vintage finds. It has a thoughtfulness about its curation—as though every detail, color scheme, and product is there for a reason.

Growing up in the Arizona desert, Hannah’s love of vintage sprung from shopping thrift stores in Phoenix as a teenager. “As soon as I had a little money in my pocket, my friends and I would hop in the car and head straight to the vintage stores to shop for clothes,” says Henderson.

In the past few years, vintage shopping has become very mainstream and many of stores are really picked over. “The whole generation of ‘real finds’ have moved on; so [many shops are] filled with more current consignment items. I still dream that there is a store out there packed with vintage treasures waiting to be discovered.” One of Henderson's greatest finds is a vintage pair of Levi's (below) that she plans to patch up.

With the success of the second store and the launch of an e-commerce site, we wonder if more locations will pop up in the future. But Henderson is careful about expanding too quickly. “We put so much love an attention into each of the shops and we wouldn't want to spread ourselves too thin and lose the authenticity of the store.”

We understand completely but would be very pleased with a shop in Brooklyn!

Shop Dana Avidan-Cohn's favorite General Store finds here.

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