Almost Every Celebrity Is Wearing This Hair and Fashion Trend

Almost Every Celebrity Is Wearing This Hair and Fashion Trend
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Of course, there's always something trending in the fashion or beauty world, whether it's cute kitten heels or a blunt lob. But occasionally, the two genres perfectly collide and start a movement. Lately, celebrities have been wearing their hair pulled back into low buns and pairing the style with statement-making hoop earrings. You can't have one without the other. It's like the ketchup and mustard of a well put together look.

And we get why so many stars are in love with the chic combo. It's a quick way to look put together with minimal effort. And it's appropriate for every occasion. Celebs have worn the duo while posing for the cameras on the red carpet and living it up at epic parties. And you could make it work for whatever events you have on your agenda, too.

All you need to get the slicked back hairdo is a secure ponytail holder to wrap ends together, a bristle brush to perfect the sleek look, and your favorite hair spray to minimize flyaways. Even ladies with shorter hair can make it work with life-saving bobby pins. For the earrings: You can grab an affordable pair of gold hoops here to channel your favorite star.

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See exactly how it's done in the pictures below.

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