Berets Are the Chicest Fall Accessory of 2017

Berets Are the Chicest Fall Accessory of 2017
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If you don't already own a beret hat, you are going to want to get your hands on one, ASAP. Just about all of our favorite celebrities have been spotted wearing the stylish headpiece, from Rihanna to Bella Hadid. And fresh off of the heels of Paris Fashion Week, fashionable street-style stars are also turning to the dainty accessory to take their outfits to the next level. 

But what happens in Paris, doesn't stay in Paris. This trend will definitely spread worldwide, so you'd better hop on it before all of your friends do.

You could play it safe, and grab a classic, black beret that will go with everything in your closet. Or you could go all out with a bright option just like the ones fashionistas have been wearing. 

VIDEO: How to Build a 10-Piece Fall Wardrobe

Not sure where to shop? You can cop just about every color in the rainbow, thanks to Amazon. What's even better? It'll only cost you $9. That's less than a value meal at a New York City McDonald's. 

Check out some of the fun ways fashion's It girls are wearing berets and shop the affordable options below.

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