7 Cute Carry-Alls for Your Poolside Look

7 Cute Carry-Alls for Your Poolside Look

If your frequent flier miles or budget are just short of a getaway, the pool is a quick-fix place for some much needed R&R. Even in the most nonstop metropolises such as Manhattan, you can veg out on a rooftop pool deck, or even throw your towel down at a chichi fitness center.

Hanging by the pool is also great because it's easier on your garb and accessories. You don’t have to worry about saltwater, sand, and—if your local pool is indoors—even spontaneous weather changes. That cinches it: concrete and chlorine are your most convenient summer pals. 

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You won’t need much for your poolside retreat, but play it safe and bring a catch-all tote so nothing is forgotten. Quick note: We love summery vibes as much as everyone else, but pool bags are a bit generally sleeker—and have fewer pom-poms—than a beach bag. Below are the totes we have our eyes on! 

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