5 Affordable Fall Bags That Look Unbelievably Expensive

5 Affordable Fall Bags That Look Unbelievably Expensive
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A new season, a new bag—isn't that how it goes? Ugh, if only. We fell hard for this season's delightful delivery of It bags, from short shoulder strap styles to reworked buckets, but unfortunately, some of them run upwards of hundreds of dollars and some, in the thousands. It hurts the heart, doesn't it? And while yes, these investment pieces are indeed "worth the splurge," it won't feel like it when reality sets in and you can't afford food—or shelter. 

The obvious solution here: Bringing home a more affordable option, but one that hits on all the in-demand bag characteristics unique to this season, that's still timeless in shape and aesthetic, and that, most importantly, only looks insanely expensive. This unicorn of a bag does, in fact, exist, thanks to our extensive knowledge of all things accessories. Five, actually, which can be yours with just a few taps of your finger. Scroll through to shop them now.

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