6 Mom-Tested and Kid-Approved Handbags

6 Mom-Tested and Kid-Approved Handbags
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Los Angeles native, Andrea Lublin, is a wardrobe stylist, fashion blogger and social influencer known for her creative, easy going and effortless sense of style. When she was 5 years old she dreamed of owning her own store, and at 13 she had begun designing her own dresses. By the age of 19 she was a leading salesperson at Nordstrom, and since then has gone on to work for E! and The Style Network as a Talent Manager, booking the top players throughout the fashion and beauty industries. Lublin's latest venture is the launch of Andrea’s Lookbook, a weekly blog that features everything from her daily outfits to customized mood boards.

Here, Lublin shares her top six mom approved handbags that are also kid proof. You know, a-o.k. for things like spit up, crayons, and holding everything and the kitchen sink.

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