Michelle Williams's Bag Will Be Everywhere This Summer—Here's How to Buy It Now


If you're looking for a go-to bag that's perfect for the summer season, look no further than Michelle Williams's closet. The actress has notoriously chic style, and this week, she brought the heat when she wore one of summer's hottest bags while shopping at a market in Rome.

Williams toted a bamboo Cult Gaia 'Ark' basket bag, and we doubt it will be the last we see of the style this season. She paired the piece with white high-waist jeans and a high-neck blouse, but to be honest, she could've worn it with just about anything.

Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

Because of its versatility and architectural design, the bag is already Insta-famous. It's been spotted in the hands of Jessica Alba, and Cult Gaia's founder Jasmin Larian told us a few months back that the brand is having trouble keeping the style in stock.

Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

"I’m always going to be more focused on one-of-kind, standout pieces than a full line," Larian said. "If no one is going to stop you in the street and be like, ‘Oh my god, where did you get that?’ then I’m not interested in making it.”

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Mission accomplished, Larian. If you're interested in the Cult Gaia 'Ark' bag, shop it from $140 at modaoperandi.com, or check out other e-tailers here.


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