14 Luxury Backpacks That Are 100% Worth the Investment

14 Luxury Backpacks That Are 100% Worth the Investment
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Whether it’s for school, travel, or just to rack up some major street style cred, backpacks are a must-have. And we’re not just talking the basic back-to-school backpack either—actually chic knapsacks exist (no need to fact check us; we’ve got the proof right here). Thanks to Model Squad members Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid strutting around town with mini Chanel and Louis Vuitton ones, we’re now eyeing luxury designer backpacks, too. They may be $$$ but are well worth the investment—let our round-up convince you.

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If you’re looking for one to invest in (or just in a splurgy mood—hey, no shame), then look no further than right here. From the classic silhouette, complete with a zipper closure, to more alternative shapes with simple buckle designs, scroll through for 14 luxury backpacks well worth the cash.

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