Kondo Your Handbag! 7 Steps on How to Downsize

Kondo Your Handbag! 7 Steps on How to Downsize

As someone who carries her entire life around with her at all times, I know and understand the love we all have for the oversize purse. How else are we supposed to be ready for anything the world might throw at us? (A coffee stain, a dead cell phone, the apocalypse—​who knows?) But I can attest that this level of preparation usually results in a layer of unused, miscellaneous items at the bottom of my bag.

I recently became fed up with lugging the same heavy items to and from work, and decided to downsize—you could say, Marie Kondo style. I still have emotional (and probably physical) scars from my college days of carrying a laptop everywhere I went. Plus, smaller, compact bags better complement an airy sundress or a breezy off-the-shoulder top and cut-offs. When you have the sun's rays relentlessly beating down on you, the last thing you want is to be weighed down with a 20-pound tote. 

I challenged myself to trim down to the bare essentials and—spoiler alert—successfully made the switch to a tiny cross-body.

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Looking to do the same? Here are the seven life-changing steps I took. While there will always be a time (and a place in my heart) for the oversize tote, I can now say I enjoy a commute sans shoulder pain (and having a cute new bag helps, too).

Commuting is really just a selfie opportunity 😎☀️

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