13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Junk

13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Junk
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As New York Magazine so brilliantly pointed out, German chancellor Angela Merkel loves shuffling through an oversize, stuffed tote. Sometimes it’s leather, sometimes nylon. Sometimes the bag has a top handle! Other times, it’s a shoulder bag. But always, and I mean always, Merkel is constantly digging, searching, and foraging for … well, who knows.

We can relate. Everyone has that one bag that’s so big it could double as a piece of carry-on luggage. You hold your laptop, your phone, your wallet, your breast pump, your lunch, and a makeup kit all in one giant abyss of a thing. Need your mascara? TOO BAD! It’s all the way at the bottom. Regardless, we love this must-have elephant of an accessory.

VIDEO: Three Ways to Wear a Cross-Body Bag


So here are our favorites that will fit all your junk. You’re welcome, Angela.

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