Bella and Gigi's Older Sister Alana Hadid Launches Sunglasses

Bella and Gigi's Older Sister Alana Hadid Launches Sunglasses

A well-known fact about Alana Hadid: She's Gigi and Bella's older half-sister. Little known fact about her: She's an eyewear fanatic—she owns upwards of 100 pairs (she stores them in vintage eyeglass cases, FYI). So it was only natural that she turned her obsession into a business, partnering with dad Mohamed to launch Hadid Eyewear.

"We always wanted to do something, and with accessories you can make them unisex," Hadid tells us. "We wanted something that represented our whole family, and we definitely wanted something for everyone, to have a pair that would fit every face, every personality."

The line launched with six styles, each in two different colorways (more colors will roll out in the coming weeks, and a clip-on pair is slated to launch in March), and all are designed to be universally flattering. For Hadid, it was important that their target audience was everyone. And no, she's not being hyperbolic ("I wanted to make sure that there was nothing exclusionary," she stresses). Named after the Hadid family's globe-trotting ways, a pair of elegant clear cat-eye frames are called "Runway," while a badass shield-like style is labeled "Passport Control" (her personal favorite).

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"I'm so inpired by my family, and I wanted something that represented us, and we're always traveling," she explains. When asked if Bella or Gigi had any say in the designs, she says, absolutely. "Everything I do, I talk to my sisters, brother, and parents about, so they definitely saw it from start to finish," she continues. "I mean, we're obsessed with each other, and we support everything that another one does. I feel like these sunglasses are their babies, too—we're involved in the process together. It's a family affair."

Hadid Eyewear (priced between $149 and $169) is available now at and, and for every pair of sunglasses sold, they will be donating five percent of net sales to The Vision of Children Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving sight to children who suffer from optical disorders and blindness.

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