Fine Jewelry Site Iconery Hopes to Take the Intimidation Out of Shopping

Fine Jewelry Site Iconery Hopes to Take the Intimidation Out of Shopping

About a year and a half ago, former eBay mobile marketing executive Ivka Adam and editor Andrea Linett wondered why buying fine jewelry couldn’t be more like shopping for clothes. “For a lot of women jewelry is intimidating or not exciting,” says Linett. “You either have Zales or some high-end retailer like Barneys and it’s a little intimidating. You feel like ‘do I really deserve it,’ or someone has to buy it for you.” Tired of this exclusive environment, the twosome set out to create a fast-fashion-like experience for fine baubles with Iconery, a new website that launches today.

The shop, which has a decidedly welcoming feel, features designs from jewelry mainstays like Paige Novick, Marla Aaron, and Lena Wald, as well as introductory collections from fashion designers Daryl Kerrigan of Daryl K. and Melissa Coker of Wren, who were drawn to the site for the ease of entry. “That’s the thing that excites me the most is that we can go to designers and say if you’ve ever wanted to do jewelry we make it simple for them to enter that domain,” explains Linett. “Rather than them having to figure out the whole designing jewelry, they come to us and we help them with the design.” Iconery uses 3D-printed jewelry molds for manufacturing, which doesn’t have high maximums, and enables each piece to be made to order in about three days. Each piece is customizable, so adding diamonds isn’t a problem, and prices range from $95 to $4,000, but the sweet spot is between $200 to $500.

In addition to being an online destination, Linett is hoping to teach customers how to wear pieces, mimicking the editorial seen in places like Net-A-Porter. “It sounds really obvious but most jewelry sites don’t really explain to you that you can mix this with that, or if you’re going to a black tie affair, its ok to wear all silver, this is how you do it,” she says. “There’s no hand holding every—you’re supposed to be born with the knowledge of how to work it. At Iconery, we don’t expect you to come here knowing everything and we’re here to help. We want shopping to be fun and a little more friendly.”

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