Spring Accessories 2014

12 of Spring's Hottest Handbags in the Creamiest Shades

12 of Spring's Hottest Handbags in the Creamiest Shades

As spring rolls around, there's nothing quite as exciting as retiring your big black bag in favor of a sugary style. Pastel accessories are the easiest way to transition your look into spring because let's face it, at the start of the season, the weather doesn't exactly accommodate LWDs and strappy sandals. A petal pink- or buttercup-colored handbag will infuse your look with just the right amount of charm.

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When choosing a pastel bag for you, keep in mind that structure is key. Because the tones are so sweet, you want to find a sturdy, streamlined style to balance it out. Another way to juxtapose and add some edge to the style is to look for one with statement metal hardware, like bold zippers or statement grommets. Ahead, you'll find pastel handbags suit for every taste and price point.

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