7 Accessories to Update Work Wardrobes for Every Office Type

7 Accessories to Update Work Wardrobes for Every Office Type
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Fact: Accessories are a surefire way to make items and outfits you already own feel fresh. We turned to the fall/winter 2015 runways for inspiration and rounded up seven accessories trends anyone can pull off, no matter where you work. 

We broke it down by three office types: corporate, business casual, and creative. Corporate is for the ladies in buttoned-up environments where the dress code calls for classic tailored suits. Business casual is best described as an office where suits aren't required, but professionalism is still a requisite (though with a little more room for experimentation). In a creative office, almost anything goes. You have the freedom to wear jeans and can try out fashion trends without raising eyebrows.

From modern totes to the shoes guaranteed to elevate your business slacks, find out which accessories will makeover your fall work wardrobe, ahead. 

PHOTOS: 7 Accessories to Update Work Wardrobes for Every Office Type

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