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4 Hues to Wear With the Sweet Shade of Shell

4 Hues to Wear With the Sweet Shade of Shell
Imaxtree; Courtesy Photo (3)

Get to know: Shell

Color description: A light, peachy pink with a soft tone that really plays off of saturated, brighter colors.

Runway inspiration: Creatures of the Wind

Pair the shade with: 1) Tomato; the vivid shade really pops against the supporting pink color, 2) Chalk; this hue makes for a harmonic, yet striking ensemble, 3) Forest Green; the darker tone offsets the sweet shade, and 4) Rust; because both colors are almost neutrals, this pairing is considered a wild-card duo—wear the colors together to really amp things up, but keep the pieces modern.

Avoid: Yellow; the sunny hue is too vibrant for this soft peach and will look off-putting rather than effortless, making your whole outfit appear over the top.

Ready to inject some optimism into your wardrobe with shell? Click through our gallery to see outfit pairing ideas for each color combo.

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