15 Lessons We Learned from Obsessing Over Zendaya's Fiercely Cool Style

15 Lessons We Learned from Obsessing Over Zendaya's Fiercely Cool Style
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Zendaya is so cool, she doesn't even really need a last name (it's Coleman, FYI), a privilege earned by only a very select group of people (among them: CherRihanna, Beyonce, Adele, Oprah, and Madonna). That means, at just 19 years old, Zendaya has, quite literally, made a name for herself. And she did it through her musical talent, her formidable sense of style, and her responsibility to be the perfect role model—by shutting down the haters, taking a stance against bullying, speaking out against sexism and racism, and partnering up with do-good causes

Basically, Zendaya is an all-around awesome person. It's no wonder she runs in Queen Bey's circle (she made a cameo in her Lemonade visual album). Of course, that level of awesomeness would translate into a stellar fashion track record, featuring one incredibly strong look after another. Let's just say, there's a lot to learn here. The higher the fashion risk = the greater the pay off. And Zendaya is no stranger to taking a risk. From her penchant for tailored suit separates (some boldly saturated in surprising shades, others cut from unexpected fabrics) to edgy takes on girly dresses, find out how to sartorially channel Zendaya—and maybe shut down an Internet troll while you're at it.

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