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The Hottest Fall Shoe Silhouette to Wear Right Now: Strappy Shoes

The Hottest Fall Shoe Silhouette to Wear Right Now: Strappy Shoes
Greg Marino

A strappy shoe is the perfect accessory for transitional weather, which is exactly what us New Yorkers are experiencing right now. As the cold air moves in, we're saying goodbye to our beloved dainty sandals and swapping them in for warm, structured boots. But before we all commit to boot-wearing days (you know, the days that end by devoting more than few minutes to pulling off your boots while shamelessly hopping around your apartment), let us introduce you of our favorite fall shoe silhouette: the strappy shoe.

Closed or open toe, this style is as versatile as it gets. It can dress up your most simple look and add an office-appropriate edge to your work wear. To welcome the style into your wardrobe, look for a pair in a tonal color or "new neutrals," like burgundy and animal print. If you're looking for added warmth, or if you want to take these styles well into winter, pair them with a sock or tight. Instead of trying to blend the two together, seek out a textured sock or stocking for added interest. If you choose to play with colors, look for styles in the same color family for a subtle, put-together look.

To shop 13 strap-happy shoes perfect for fall, click through the gallery.

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