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13 Butterfly Pieces That Have Us All Aflutter

13 Butterfly Pieces That Have Us All Aflutter
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Earlier this year, we saw the first glimmer of a trend about to take flight when a particular motif swept through the fall/winter collections. From the kaleidoscope embroidery at Valentino (above, left) to the ethereal printed pieces at Givenchy (above, right), butterflies have been stirring up a storm.

"As it so happens, butterflies have been prominent in fashion during other periods of uncertainty or social upheaval," writes InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson of the butterfly trend in his June "Look Smart" column, "Everyone Got the Memo." "Today many designers, reacting to climate change, are exploring themes related to nature in their work, so it follows that they would be including all variety of animal prints."

Even though the beautiful winged creatures have been deemed a fall trend, they're as ubiquitous as leopard spots. Get a head-start on next season's It print with 13 butterfly-printed pieces you can wear now.

Curious to know how designers all reached the same idea, or in this case, motif? Flip to page 93 of the June issue of InStyle to read Wilson's piece that investigates the birth of a trend.

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