10 Times That Allegiant Star Zoë Kravitz Redefined Red Carpet Style

10 Times That <em>Allegiant</em> Star Zoë Kravitz Redefined Red Carpet Style
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When you grow up with Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet for parents, a strong sense of style is bound to rub off. And though actress Zoë Kravitz’s red carpet rotation still nods to her dad’s rocker aesthetic and her mom’s bohemian flair, she has carved out her own niche in the fashion world, too.

“She has such a unique personal style,” says her stylist Andrew Mukamal. “But there is a lot of familial referencing that comes across, often subconsciously, like the style of jewelry that Zoë goes for and just the way she pulls herself together.” Favoring straight off the runway ensembles with sheer detailing and impeccable tailoring that complement her petite frame, Kravitz isn’t afraid to take a fashion risk either. “She is at that point in your twenties when you can really pull off anything,” adds Mukamal. “There is a shock appeal and a youth factor that really drives our choices right now.”

Close relationships with designers like Alexander Wang, whose forward-thinking creations she often wears for events, have also helped shape her look. “Alexander Wang is a close friend and a style sounding board for us,” says Mukamal. “Even when she’s not wearing something he made, he is often a part of the conversation because he has an incredible understanding of fashion.

And at the end of the day, “getting dressed for the red carpet should be exciting,” adds Mukamal. “And sometimes you have to push boundaries if you want people to take notice.” See Kravitz’s 10 best looks of all time below.

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