10 Super Helpful, Unique Beach Cover-Up Ideas

10 Super Helpful, Unique Beach Cover-Up Ideas
Olivia de Recat

Tunics, sarongs, ponchos, kaftans, wraps...call them whatever you want. They're beach cover-ups, and there are way too many options to choose from. We at InStyle.com do our best to narrow down your options, but as shoppers ourselves, we know it can still be overwhelming. That's when a little something called humor comes in handy.

Meet Olivia de Recat, a Seattle-born illustrator and writer who currently works on The Late Late Show with James Corden. She personally has been using a "thick layer of sand as a swimsuit cover-up for 26-years," according to her, so she is the perfect person to ideate on some...alternative approaches to cover-ups.

"Some approach disrobing at the beach with unbridled confidence, others with crippling anxiety," de Recat tells InStyle.com. "In this series, I imagined a less-than-enthused beach goer finding increasingly absurd ways to cover up."

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